Cryptogenomics is the interdisciplinary research field linking cryptography and genomics. The application of cryptographic methods, protocols, and algorithms to genetic data holds great promise to improve genetic privacy; to enable the secure sequencing, processing, analysis, storage, and exchange of genetic data; to facilitate the fair and consensual personal, scientific, and commercial use of genetic data; and to catalyse decentralised personal genomics.

This scientific blog aims to provide students, researchers and developers with a useful collection of reading material about cryptogenomics. There are news, especially links to original papers, and a number of videotaped lectures, talks, and presentations. A coding toolbox will hopefully grow into a collection of source code enabling students, researchers and developers to jump-start their own projects. This website is non-commercial and provided as a free service to the scientific community.


Contributions from the scientific community are welcome.

The following item related to cryptogenomics may be published:

  • technological and scientific news
  • alerts about recent original publications
  • scientific comments and reviews
  • book reviews
  • talks and presentations
  • lecture notes and videos
  • linkts to source code and libraries

The following items are generally not suitable for publication:

  • original papers (please publish them in a suitable peer-reviewed journal and then report here about the publication)
  • non-scientific opinion pieces
  • advertisements (including calls for submission, conference dates)
  • security alerts and vulnerabilities

All contributions must adhere to the principles of good scientific practice.

All contributions must adhere to the ethical principles for medical research involving human subjects, if applicable.

All contributors must disclose their conflict of interest, if any.

Please send contributions to: contributions@cryptogenomics.org.


This blog is maintained by Hendrik Ballhausen, Head of Research Administration, Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital, LMU Munich, Germany.

Contact: mail@cryptogenomics.org.


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