Bloom filter based oblivious outsourced matchings

The authors ‘propose Fhe-Bloom and Phe-Bloom, two efficient approaches for genetic disease testing using homomorphically encrypted Bloom filters. Both approaches allow the data owner to securely outsource storage and computation to an untrusted cloud. Fhe-Bloom is fully secure in the semi-honest model while Phe-Bloom slightly relaxes security guarantees in a trade-off for highly improved performance.’

  • Ziegeldorf JH, Pennekamp J, Hellmanns D, Schwinger F, Kunze I, Henze M, Hiller J, Matzutt R, Wehrle K
    BLOOM: BLoom filter based oblivious outsourced matchings
    BMC Medical Genomics 2017 10(Suppl 2):44
    (Abstract, PDF, Source Code)